Doon Convent N.S. is a primary school in the East Limerick village of Doon.

As the name suggests, Doon delves from Dún meaning fort and enjoys the high elevation with views over the Golden Vale region of Limerick to the Galtee Mountains, south whilst the Slieve Felim Mountains nestle the village to the North. It's full name Dún Bleisce means 'The Forts of Bleisce' (Harlot).

It was within this village that an order of nuns, Sisters of Mercy herald by Fr. Frank Hickey was established in 1868. A Convent was subsequently built on a farm right in the hearth of the village. A boarding secondary school and primary school were on site. At it height, close on 70 nuns resided in the convent.

The current school was built in 1976 on what used to be an orchard. Since then, we have been based in Doon delivering an education to the primary school children from the hinterland of Doon.