Department of Education and Skills

In this section, we present any inspection reports completed by the Inspectorate on the school.

Our Inspector is Anne Fitzpatrick. The aim of Anne's position is to support, advise and assist in the ongoing development of the school as well as measure our accountability. This accountability is formulated in the shape of reports which this tab is dedicated to.

Reports reflect what we do well and give suggestions for improvements. As educators we in Doon Convent N.S. pride ourselves in having a culture of open and objective dialogue all aimed at improving the education experiences of your children.

As a school , we would like to extend this to Parental Involvement for which you can give feedback in the Parental Involvement tab of Academic when different initiatives, policies or questionnaires are posted.

As part of the Inspectorate's report, we as a school complete 'School Self Evaluations' (S.S.E). The purpose of this is to examine our practices, what we do well and again areas to be worked on. This is where we ask you as parents about your child's experiences in Doon Convent N.S and answer the targeted questions to seek the perspective of parents who are instrumental to supporting the child's education and wellbeing at home. Such questionnaires will be posted when needed in the Parental Involvement tab.

The Inpectorate will also ask for your feedback for which feeds into the whole accountability component again aimed at improving the educational experience in Doon Convent N.S.

The result of this constructs a Plan, known as 'School Improvement Plan' (SIP). You can see more about this in the SIP tab of 'Academic'

Curriculum Evaluation - Mathematics - October 2016