School is a busy place and one that evolves around progression of learning, teaching methodologies, teaching equipment and the school facilities themselves.

We as a staff are continuously updating our skills. Be it Mata sa Ranga, PM reading, Middletown school or courses in the Education Centre. Our policy in Doon Convent N.S. is to be open and participate in new innovative methodologies and teaching initiatives. Some of these include Literacy Lift Off and Building Bridges but to mention a few.

Our Parents Council have worked very hard to have P.E. equipment, iPads and school graded readers. They fund raise every year and all monies go towards school development.

As our school approaches 50 years old it was envisaged we would be amalgamated but external influences denote a process that may take a period of time. A lot of the schools pavements are becoming old and will need replacement. I am always open to gain the skills of any parents whom could offer assistance.