Active Flag

In 2019, Doon Convent National School achieved the Active School Flag. The Active School Flag is awarded to schools which strive to achieve a physically educated and active school community. In striving to achieve the Active School Flag, our school had to begin by engaging in a process of self-evaluation, by reviewing our current provisions for physical education, activities and partnerships, in order to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. An active school committee was formed with children from various class levels to assist with this process. Our school planned and implemented changes which would enhance our physical education and activities provisions where needed. In 2019 as part of working towards achieving the Active School Flag, we held our first Active School Week. Throughout this week lots of fun filled activities and events were held such as wake up, shake up, walk a mile with a smile, Zumba classes, circuit training and many more! Active School Week has since ever been an annual event held in our school. Children also regularly receive Active Homework and enjoy daily movement breaks between lessons. Our school continues to remain a physically active school in working towards achieving our second Active Flag.